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The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE: Technical Brilliance Meets Sustainable Innovation


The all-new I-PACE is an EV and SUV brilliantly fused into one to inaugurate Jaguar’s shift towards a sustainable future. Inspired by the FIA Formula E racetrack championship the I-PACE eTrophy, Jaguar has invented their first all-electric road car in the stunningly capable form of a compact luxury performance SUV. Available in 2019 First Edition I-PACE S, 2019 I-PACE SE, and 2019 I-PACE HSE, the I-PACE line is an award-winning electro muscular powerhouse, a dark horse and worthy adversary to capsize Tesla’s monopoly on all-electric luxury vehicles.

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Highly Celebrated, Highly Decorated

In high demand across the world and from the world’s leading countries in renewable energy such as Norway and Germany, the I-PACE is at the forefront of embracing a sustainable future in the here and now and doing so powerfully and in Jaguar’s lavish style. With 11,000 deliveries in over 60 countries, it is no surprise that Jaguar’s unparalleled creation is internationally decorated with over 55 awards to its name in utility, innovation, design, safety and green energy. Most notably, 2019 World Car of the Year, Canadian Green Utility Vehicle of the Year, 2019 World Car Design of the Year, European, German, Norwegian and UK Car of the Year with a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating and a mere 50 others, give or take.

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An Edge on the Competition

Lighter, swifter, better acceleration, more extended range and quicker braking, the Jaguar I-PACE prevails. In a historic tête-à-tête, the world’s two first-ever all-electric SUVs hit the drag strip to see who will outrace and who will outperform. The Jaguar I-PACE triumphed over the Tesla X 75D and X 100 models with a quicker acceleration out of the gate and superior braking across the finish line. While the Tesla P100D enhanced with Ludicrous Mode could surely outrace the I-PACE, these upgrades would set the driver back a hefty $140,000. With the I-PACE coming in at two for the price of one Tesla, we’ve made our choice. An epitome of historic luxury, the I-PACE carries forward the Jaguar brand’s lavish interior style leaving the Model X in the dust.

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The Jaguar Green Initiative

Winner of multiple green awards including Autobest’s ECOBEST Award, the 2019 Jaguar I-PACE boasts zero exhaust emissions, less pollution, less servicing and cheaper running costs in an astonishing feat of engineering brilliance and scientific curiosity. Not only are greenhouse emissions eliminated, but so is noise pollution in ditching an obnoxious engine for a no less powerful EV400 90 kWh lithium-ion battery that delivers 394hp and impressive 4.5-second acceleration from 0-60km. Jaguar’s electric shift does not leave this vehicle wanting in any category - sister to the Land Rover brand, Jaguar carries forward its off-road expertise with nimble handling for all conditions with an adjustable lower center of gravity by optional Active Air Suspension for safety at all speeds. With sustainability, luxury design, safety and SUV practicality boxes ticked and gilded, Jaguar’s newest creation stands alone in all-electric excellence.


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